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There’s a winning game plan for all your members. Discover it with Insightin.

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There’s a winning game plan for all your members. Discover it with Insightin.

Our platform reveals what your data really says about each member’s journey with your health plan. And gives you the tools to improve it.
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Workflow Optimization
Workflow Optimization
Boost productivity and simplify your process to focus on what really matters: the member
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Enriched Data Ecosystem
Enriched Data Ecosystem
Flexible, robust data handling capabilities for a more complete member profile
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Next Best Action
Next Best Action
Utilize predictive analytics to recommend better interactions and improve population health
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PMPM savings by digital


Improved provider engagement
for HEDIS® incentive program


Additional member acquisition
from AEP campaign

Our simple integration and easy to use
platform creates an effective shift towards
improving population health

Next Best Action that really is best

Your members are constantly leaving clues to what they need from your health plan. Our platform helps you see them, assembling a clear picture from all your internal and external data streams. Then it prescribes a personalized plan of action for each member. It’s intelligent Next Best Action, at scale.


Your outreach is about to get a lot more effective

AI-powered insights help you see your members in a new light, so you know the best touchpoints and channels for engaging them. Our customizable communication tools make your outreach efficient and effective.


No more silos, no more broken workflows

The platform keeps everyone on your member care team collaborative and focused on improving the member journey, so your org moves efficiently as possible.


Seeing what’s really going on with your members forces you into a different mindset. You end up a lot more focused on how you’re impacting them, and that leads to better outcomes. We’ve already seen 30-50x ROI.

-Justin Skerbetz, Chief Marketing & Comms Officer, ‎Parkland Community Health Plan Inc.

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