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  • Digital Health Technology Firms Insightin Health and BrainFx Join Forces to Create a Holistic Health Assessment Approach for a Healthier Member

Digital Health Technology Firms Insightin Health and BrainFx Join Forces to Create a Holistic Health Assessment Approach for a Healthier Member

Insightin Health, a provider of data-driven decision-making technology for health care member acquisition, retention, and engagement, and BrainFx, a comprehensive, evidence-based neurofunctional assessment delivering real-world applicable insights, today announced a strategic partnership. Both companies will offer health plans a richer member health assessment which combines both physical and cognitive Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) for an overall healthier outcome for both health plans and consumers. Together, the two companies will offer a complete, end-to-end health care solution that benefits payers, providers, and consumers. Through BrainFx’s extensive cognitive health assessments, payers and providers are equipped with deeper knowledge to identify a need for treatment, to develop more targeted treatment plans, and to provide functional outcome measures for intervention. The cognitive health assessments allow health care providers to deliver more comprehensive preventative care, equipping them to keep their members healthier, longer. Combining this cognitive data with member social determinants of health (SDoH) within the Insightin Health platform inGAGE™, the two firms gain greater visibility into the full scope of a member, offering a more personalized member life-cycle journey and an enhanced Care Plan, which includes both physical and mental health attributes.

Insightin Health’s AI-driven platform inGAGE™ leverages SDoH and clinical data to identify the best possible ways to communicate with members on a one-to-one level. In partnership with BrainFx, inGAGE™ can now generate a richer and comprehensive member health risk assessment by also giving consideration to a member’s cognitive well-being. The Insightin Health and BrainFx partnership makes for an integrated and cyclical preventative health care flow.

By leveraging behavioral science and artificial intelligence, we will be able to impact a healthier outcome for both health plans and providers for value-based care delivery.



BrainFx Assessments offer a scientific approach to assess brain health, and members’ abilities to function in real life. The health assessments are more than the traditional cognitive test and are designed to measure what other cognitive tests customarily overlook. The BrainFx model adds value to members’ well-being by measuring neurofunction in the form of interactive and engaging performance activities. These assessments help to best evaluate members’

cognitive functional skills, including mood, social behavioral, fine motor and balance effects, and then quickly delivers applicable performance results to members’ health care teams.

“This integrated approach will revolutionize how health plans engage their members. By having the proactive picture of members’ care plans for both physical and mental health will provide a transparency for both payers and providers,” says Insightin’s CEO Enam Noor. “By leveraging behavioral science and artificial intelligence, we will be able to impact a healthier outcome for both health plans and providers for value-based care delivery.”

“BrainFx is excited to integrate its unique neurofunctional assessments into the clinical work-flows within Insightin’s intelligent platform that can engage members in their brain health in addition to their physical overall health,” says Tracy Milner, Founder of BrainFx. “Detecting milder or early changes in functional cognition leads to action – first to determine if there are medical root causes that can be treated, second, to deliver early intervention when it can be most effective, and third to ensure that treatment plans are personalized and consumable by patients in a way that leverages their strengths for adherence.”

Learn more about Insightin’s Member Engagement Platform or BrainFx’s innovative Neurofunctional Assessments.

About Insightin Health

Insightin Health is the industry’s only single platform that provides data-driven decision-making technology for the complete life-cycle of the health care member journey to improve member acquisition, retention, and engagement. The artificial intelligence (AI)-driven technology leverages health data and social determinants of health information to identify consumer behavior to make recommendations to improve participation. Health plans gain quality membership and lower churn with increased measure adherence. For more information, visit

About BrainFx

BrainFx’s mission is to measure and minimize the effects of brain disorders by intelligently unlocking how your brain functions for everyday life.

BrainFx was inspired by the frustration in the founders’ clinical practice that traditional cognitive tests were missing early and milder dysfunction across the spectrum of brain disorders (ranging from learning disability to concussion to mental illness to dementia) – patients were being assessed as ‘normal’ when they were clearly struggling in their daily life. Because you can’t treat what you can’t see nor get it funded, patients were being left to struggle – missing opportunities for early intervention.

BrainFx’s innovative digital assessments identify milder dysfunction by measuring the performance of more complex cognitive skills within the context of real-world function. Through real-time comparison to population cohorts in our Living Brain Bank™, health providers benefit from unique insights about neurofunction to develop targeted and personalized treatment plans to assist them in achieving better outcomes. The BrainFx platform brings everything brain function to the health care provider by intelligently connecting assessments and therapeutics together. For more information, visit