Insightin | Health is a cloud-based convergent marketing platform that allows healthcare organizations to develop a data hub for all channels - both internal and external sources – while allowing data aggregation. The campaign automation system allows clients to create personalized and rule based content delivery in real-time. The predictive approach from the dashboard provides real-time actionable analytics. Our secured big data platform is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified and aligns with CMS regulations.

Campaign Automation

  • Landing pages/microsites
  • Email campaigns
  • Display advertisements
  • Direct mail/fulfillment tracking
  • Omni channel activities
  • Social media

Data Management

  • Data Flow Automation
  • Response data capturing
  • Lead scoring
  • Data overlay
  • Big data aggregator
  • Machine learning

Predictive Analytics

  • Campaign optimization
  • Competitive analysis
  • Retention assessments
  • Predictive modeling

Become a success story with our solution

$1.3M Net profit from a single AEP campaign
$500,000 Savings through digital transformation in one year for a client
25M Data points for market opportunity analysis