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Get Results Now

Our engagement platform is a compass for the modern health care member journey

inGage™ points you to the how, when, and where
of better health outcomes for your members.

Where all your member data goes to make sense

What do your members really need? inGage™ puts the answer in front of you all day, every day. It collects, combines, and analyzes even the tiniest signals connected to your members to complete a fuller picture of their healthcare journey. From demographic data to detailed Claims and Interaction history, InGage leaves no stone unturned.

  • APIs connect all your existing data warehouses so you don’t miss a thing
  • Reporting dashboards make seeing patterns and understanding what your members need second hand
  • The Next Best Action for an individual member, at any given time, is crystal clear

Where AI is your real-time assistant

InGage’s Natural Language Processing analyzes huge amounts of data to find the clues you need to anticipate your members’ needs. It’s the difference between discovering occasional insights and setting personalized action plans in motion. Now you can:

  • Predict HEDIS gap closure likelihood
  • Pinpoint the best communication channels for the next member interaction
  • Flag more urgent outreach opportunities across your entire member population

Where work actually flows

Rally your member engagement teams around one central hub for tracking and driving success together.

  • Manage caseloads and analyze performance at the individual and team level directly on the platform
  • Streamline member outreach with customizable templates fit for every
  • Automate member engagement that can be automated with third party integrations

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